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Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose an animation studio?

The best way to guarantee perfect collaboration between different parts of a project, is to address an experienced team used to working together with a single phone call.

What should you prepare before we start?

In order to understand your product values we would like to get your site address, brand book and examples of existing projects. A short brief with a summary of the project background, target market, and any other relevant details.

How do we start a project?

After understanding the scope of the work, we will set a kickoff meeting, give you the time frames for the project and guidelines to continue.

How to predict a video length?

Voice over average speed is approximately 120 words per minute. We use this for measurement.

In which steps will you give us your review?

In every fundamental step: Script, Storyboard, Design and Animation, there is a check point which gives you 2 revisions before continuing to the next step. In some cases a third revision might be considered as an extra.

What if you already have a script, design or voiceover?

It's absolutely fine. Tell us what you already have and we will take care of the rest.

In which cases is it better to price a project per hour?

If your project is well defined, for example an explainer movie or a video advertisement, we recommend you have a fixed price for your project. However, for short engagements or ongoing projects it will make more sense to price it per hour.