Video Marketing for Tech

Driving Awareness, Leads and Sales for Tech Companies using Video

Video Marketing has Changed

Video Marketing has Changed

B2B Marketers today use video to grease the funnel and improve conversion.


Discuss a business problem. Establish reputation and expertise in your field, win your audience's trust and attention.

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CEO Professor Yehuda Lindel on the Evolution of Trust

CEO Eran Fine on the challenges of securing the IoT


Drill down to aspects of technology and discuss product benefits and ROI. Stay on your client's radar until they're ready to buy.

CTO Shaul Mizrachi on Conversational Voice Commerce

VARADA VP Products Ori Reshef on managing Presto Clusters


Drive your conversion home with videos on the implementation process, client case studies and testimonials.

CEO Amon Drori on changing the physics of BI

Gianni Nieddu on setting up a Cloud Call Center

We specialize in Video Marketing for B2B Tech Companies

Our lean production methods allow Tech Companies to produce industry grade video content on demand:

Turnkey solution

Strategy, planning, execution and review included.

Fast execution

7 day turnaround

from start to delivery

Low touch process

It’s easier than
outsourcing a blog post

Shoot once, reuse X5

Secret Sauce videos are engaging, reusable and SEO-optimized. 

Our clients get their videos with the optimized packaging for all social platforms, captions for Mobile and transcription for SEO.




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Shoot once, reuse X5

Secret Sauce are Highly engaging, highly reusable, and Seo-optimised. I deliver the video with the proper packaging and Metadata to help you make the most of it.



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24h from now you'll be posting your videos on LinkedIn.

It's that fast.