Combining Marketing Strategy & Video Production

We help B2B Tech Companies tell their stories in a way that is simple, straightforward and delightful to watch. 

It's a skill perfected through 100+ interviews with Tech Executives.

Here are a selected few:

Unbound Logo

Unbound CEO Prof. Yehuda Lindell is a master storyteller. This video illustrates on how a video interview can make a story that is deep and complex- very accessible. Try explaining "Secure Multiparty Computation" by any other means...

VoiceFront Logo

Shauli Mizrachy is the CTO of the fast-growing Voicefront. This ideo was actually recorded in a meeting at AWS Builder Space, I then grabbed the footage and turned it into a marketing video, Voicefront now use it on shopify!


The bigger the data, the bigger the challenge. Varada CEO Eran Vanounou on the challenges of Data Virtualization.


Videos in SQUARE format

Square format videos are IDEAL for social media distribution.

They take a larger portion of the feed, look great on mobile devices and are easy to consume without sound.

BTW 70% of your viewers will watch the video with no sound, at least at first.

octopai logo

The story of BI Analytics 

When Covid-19 broke out Octopai management understood they need to find new ways of selling their products. Together with the CEO Amnon Drori, the head of sales David Bitton and head of Customer Success Amichai Fenner we ran a Video Workshop.

In just 2 hours we were able to produce A DOZEN of social videos that go deep into the world of BI Analytics.

The ROI for Octopai on this workshop was HUGE: they used the videos on their website, Youtube and LinkedIn channels.


Long Form Interviews

Long form interviews are used to establish thought leadership. 

Nanolock CEO Eran Fine on the challenges of securing billions of devices in the connected universe of IoT.


There are over 3 Million open positions for defense cybersecurity experts worldwide. Roy Zur, CEO of Cybint explains how their automated cyber education platform can help tilt the scale in our favor.


Traction interviews

100% Remote, Traction is the interview format for Covid-19 Era.

Reigo is a Real-Estate Investment company that managed to reduce load default rate from 6% to 1% using AI. Founder and CEO Yariv Omer explains how.


Cyberawareness programs fall short because they require too much work, says CybeReady CEO Shlomi Gian. What companies need today is Autonomous Cyberawareness training.


Social Videos

Staying on your customers' radar requires posting on various topics, not just your product or even your industry

Marketing Envy use video to establish Leadership

When Covid-19 broke out Marketing Evny's CO-CEO's Billy Cina and Amit Lavi decided to turn lemons into lemonade. For the past months they've been posting a video (or two!) every week on a variety of topics- from Marketing Strategy to Gender Politics.


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