Oren Hadash (Left) and Arik Diamant.

Arik's the CEO of Secret Sauce and Oren the Chief Video Officer. Together we help Tech companies reach their audience with strategic video marketing.

We're building a work environment that is pleasant, empowering and supportive of a healthy lifestyle.

We're looking for good people to join ;-)

    Open positions:

    Marketing Manager -> CMO

    We're Looking for a Marketing Manager with great aspirations: someone aiming to become a CMO one day (soon).

    The marketing manager will design and execute online marketing plans for Secret Sauce and its clients. 

    You'll get a chance to participate in the top notch B2B marketing: ambitious, daring, borderline crazy. You'll have freedom to create and experiment and access to a lot experience, knowledge and coaching to help you grow as a marketer and as a manager. 

    Work from home, meet in person twice a week, daily meetings on zoom. Other than that- run whichever routine works best for you, so if you have a family or other things in life- you'll have time to accommodate for them. You need to be extremely self-managed, and 100% hands-on.  

    You'll start as part time during 2020, with intention to ramp it up to full time employee in 2021. As Secret Sauce grows so will salary; you will be well-paid and eventually be the CMO of Israel's fastest growing video marketing agency.

    So far so good?

    Below are a few self-assessment questions that will help you know if you're a fit. If you answered YES to most- let's talk!

    Strategy and Management

    1. Have you ever planned a marketing strategy for a company?

    2. Can you run Competitive Analysis for a B2B company?

    3. Can you manage a client account? A team of employees? An external Service Provider?

    4. Can you manage a budget?


    5. Can you write a blog post people will read?

    6. Can you build a wireframe for a landing page?

    7. Can you write copy for a landing page?

    8. Can you produce a beautiful marketing creative (infographic, video, presentation, or even web page) - with the help of a designer?

    Marketing Operations

    9. Can you run a ppc campaign on linkedIn/FB/Google/Twitter?

    10. Can you run a basic hubspot implementation?

    11. Can you have a website built (a programmer at your disposal)?

    12. Can you read analytics data and optimize a marketing funnel ?

    13. Can you optimize a site for SEO?

    If you answered YES to most- let's talk!

    Video Editor Extraordinaire

    Looking for an experienced video editor to help with Secret Sauce productions.

    Smart, Creative, well organized and a good communicator.

    Proficient in Premiere Pro, After Effects and whatever add-ons you need to create amazing videos.

    You need to have excellent English and be able to edit compelling visual stories for highly intelligent clients.

    An aesthetic eye is key for this position. Design skills a huge plus ;-)